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The “Fukushima Secret”
To Staying Cool…
No Matter What!

cool down without air conditioning

Dear Friend,

The triple whammy of the Japanese earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown was big news... for awhile. And then the news coverage just seemed to melt away. Unfortunately, the problem didn't go away for the Japanese.

In the aftermath of the March 2011 tsunami, two-thirds of the 54 nuclear reactors in Japan were taken offline... indefinitely. At this writing, in the summer of 2011, just 18 of them are operating. Nobody can say when the other 36 will be up and running.

The impact this has had on the Japanese population is nothing less than cataclysmic. Power is strictly rationed to homes and businesses. And it's not just in the region affected by the earthquake – it's all over Japan. That's because, much like the U.S., Japan's power companies buy and sell power from each other. Now, with power at such a premium, that is not happening. There's no surplus power to sell. Every Japanese citizen is feeling the pinch of reduced power. And air conditioning, the biggest energy hog there is, is a prime target for reduction.

How are the Japanese people coping with the heat? As best they can. They've switched to energy saving LED bulbs as much as possible. LED bulbs don't give off much heat, so offices stay cooler. Employers throughout Japan have shifted the workday schedule, allowing workers to come in earlier in order to avoid the worst heat of the day. It hasn't been easy and it certainly hasn't been comfortable. Would you want to work in a high-rise office building in Tokyo during the summer without air conditioning?

Fortunately, There's A "Secret Weapon"
The Japanese Have Found

To Help Them Beat The Heat

When this innovative new technology was first introduced to Japan, the Japanese people went wild for it. In the past few months alone, since the nuclear power plants went offline, the Japanese have purchased an astonishing one million units of this amazing cooling technology. Over a million more are in the pipeline. And they don't have to worry about using electricity to make this technology work... because there's no power source required! I'll tell you more about this new technology in a moment.

But first, I want to point out something. Air conditioning isn't just a luxury. For many, it's a necessity. How do we know?

Because when we take it away, more people die.

Have you ever noticed that during a heat wave, the death rate rises? Especially among the elderly... and even more so among elderly women. Heat puts a tremendous load of stress on the body. Older people in particular don't have the same heat resilience that a younger person does.

In a recent study called the EuroHEAT project, researchers looked at the effects of hot weather on elderly people in cities across Europe. Their conclusion was that the elderly in urban environments are more at risk of illness and death during heat waves.

Well, duh.

But it's not just seniors who suffer from the heat. Heat puts stress on everyone.

There's A Reason "Keeping Your Cool" Is Such A Common Expression

Most people are comfortable up until the mercury hits 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Above 80, and we start to get uncomfortable. Irritable. Short-tempered. Research shows that above 80 degrees, concentration suffers. Performance takes a hit. Accuracy and efficiency of tasks start to plummet.

being to warm, reduces efficiency
As the temperature rises,
work efficiency plummets.

As the temperature creeps up even more, it can actually affect your judgment and your impulse control. Tempers flare. In fact, heat is correlated with crime. The FBI reports that murders go up about 16% in the summer, and other violent crimes go up about 13%. Some scientists believe this happens because, as the temperature goes up, so do "aggression" hormones like testosterone and epinephrine. Other researchers think that the heat does a number on your brain, affecting your cerebral cortex or your hypothalamus.

The bottom line is this: if you're too warm, you don't perform as well at work. And chances are, you're not pleasant to be around either.

Who Is Most Affected By The Heat?

A better question might be, who isn't? Few people are immune from the side effects of heat exposure. The people who are most susceptible to heat-induced side effects, according to researchers, are anyone 45 and older, infants and young children, anyone carrying a few extra pounds, people taking medication, and people with chronic health problems.

In other words, unless you're practically in peak condition, the heat will affect you... perhaps seriously.

Still think air conditioning is a luxury?

So what happens if you don't have A/C... or if your power goes out during a summer heat wave... or your employer keeps the office too warm in the summer... or you're trying to keep your own electrical bills down?

Summer Survival Mat...
The New Patent-Pending Cooling Technology

Taking Japan By Storm

The Summer Survival Mat supports your body's own natural cooling mechanism. The secret is in the patent-pending gel inside the mat. The non-toxic, water-based gel actually absorbs your body heat. Once the Summer Survival Mat has reached its heat absorption capacity, it simply becomes inactive. You don't need to switch anything off; it takes care of itself. But here's the best part – when your body is no longer in contact with the mat, the gel automatically "resets" for the next use. It works efficiently in environments up to 86 degrees, and requires no power or electricity to work.

Using the Summer Survival Gelmat reduces your body temperature
As your skin comes into contact with the
Summer Survival Mat,
your circulatory system moves the cooled blood throughout your entire body.

If you've ever tried to cool down by using a towel soaked in ice water or a cold pack from the freezer, you know how unpleasant that icy shock can be. That's the last thing you want when you're trying to cool down or relax from the heat. The Summer Survival Mat cools gently... working with your body's natural rhythm to deliver soothing relief from the heat.

The Summer Survival Mat is measures approximately 36 inches wide by 55 inches long... the generous size means more contact with your skin, which means you cool down fast. The cooling technology of the mat actually cools down your entire body... even though only part of your body is in direct contact with the mat. Here's how it works: as your skin comes into contact with the mat, your circulatory system moves the cooled blood throughout your entire body. At the same time, it pushes the blood from the warmer parts of your body out to the capillaries in your skin... where, as it circulates, the warmer blood is cooled by contact with the Summer Survival Mat.

That "Freshly Turned Pillow" Feeling

When you're too hot, it can take forever to fall asleep. When you finally do, your sleep is fitful, shallow, and disturbed... and chances are, you wake up feeling tired and drug out. One old trick is to turn over your pillow... the fresh, cool surface is a welcome and soothing sensation. But five minutes later, you have to flip your pillow over again... and again... and again.

The Summer Survival Mat gives you that same "freshly turned pillow" feeling, but without the constant pillow flipping. Place the mat under your torso for maximum cooling contact. Or, if you prefer, drape it over your pillow so that it comes into contact with the back of your neck. Other quick cooling spots are behind your knees, or even on the soles of your feet. Once you've positioned yourself comfortably, relax and let the mat do its magic. Within a few moments, you'll be cool and at ease. You'll be able to unwind and enjoy a good night's sleep.

Too Hot To Sleep? Think It's No Big Deal?
Think Again!

It's no secret that you fall asleep faster, and sleep better, in cooler temperatures. But what's less well known is that when the heat keeps you awake, it can have dire consequences for your health.

For starters, when you're short on sleep, it does a number on your hormones—from insulin (which controls blood sugar), to cortisol (the stress hormone), to thyroid hormones (which affect almost everything), to leptin and ghrelin (which regulate your appetite), to serotonin (which regulates mood). Everything gets out of whack.

And it happens after just one night of poor sleep. Have you ever slept poorly and the next day found yourself craving sweets? (Who hasn't?) Numerous studies show a link between sleep deprivation and obesity... and your body's hormonal response is likely the culprit.

The consequences of a little lost sleep are downright scary. In one sleep experiment, less than a week of poor sleep induced a pre-diabetic state in a group of young, healthy volunteers.

When you don't get enough sleep, your immune system takes a hit too. The number of T-cells in your blood drop. T-cells are specialized immune cells that seek out and destroy foreign invaders. And while your T-cells are dropping, another kind of cell, inflammatory cytokines, go up. They kick up inflammation in your body as a defensive mechanism, but sleep deprivation is more of a "false alarm"—and that extra inflammation is harmful to your health. In fact, studies also show that people who lose sleep at night have higher levels of C-reactive protein, or CRP. CRP is a marker for chronic inflammation, which contributes to heart disease and other killers.

Being too warm keeping you from sleepEven a single night of sleep deprivation can be dangerous. Toss and turn for an hour before you fall asleep, and your daytime alertness plummets—by almost a third. If you are driving, operating machinery, or if your job demands a high performance, that could spell disaster. In fact, miss just a little sleep and you double your risk of injury at work. And over 100,000 drivers get into accidents each year because they didn't get enough sleep the night before.

Most people instinctively know that heat is the enemy of good sleep. In a study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, almost eight out of ten respondents (79%) said they needed to be comfortably cool to get a good night's sleep. The Summer Survival Mat provides the cool environment that sleepers everywhere are clamoring for.

The Perfect Way To Unwind And "Chill Out"

You know how it is. You've just come in the house from running errands around town on a hot day. Or you've had a long hard day at work and a long hot commute home. Or you just mowed the lawn or worked in the garden, and the heat is practically rolling off you in waves. All you want to do is get a cool drink, lie down, put your feet up, and chill.

Summer Survival Mat to the rescue. Stretch out on your bed (or even your recliner), position yourself on the Summer Survival Mat, and relax. In a few short minutes, you'll feel like a new person. You'll be refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to go again.

A "Marriage Preserver"

too warm in bed

Anyone who has ever been married knows the deal. You're too hot, your spouse is too cold, or vice versa. You can't agree on the temperature setting for your bedroom. You can't agree on whether the ceiling fan should be on or off. Your spouse is wearing flannel pajamas, wool socks, and is burrowed under the covers. You're in a thin T-shirt and find even a sheet too stifling.

Can this marriage be saved?

Of course it can. The Summer Survival Mat means you can stay comfortably cool... without encroaching on your spouse's territory. You can compromise on the thermostat setting because the Summer Survival Mat can make up the difference.

Make Sure Your Grandmother Has One

The Gelmat is perfect for elderly people Remember we talked earlier about how more older people die during heat waves than younger people? Why is that exactly? The EuroHEAT research project came to this conclusion: older people have more trouble cooling off than younger people.

Another "duh."

But bear with me here. There's more to it than that. There are two important factors to keeping cool. One of them is good circulation. When it gets hot, your body immediately goes into cooling mode to protect your internal organs from overheating. Blood vessels deep inside your body absorb the heat and carry it in the blood to the outside of your body. When the warmer blood reaches your skin, the heat is transferred to the surface by way of perspiration. As the sweat evaporates, it cools your skin and the surrounding blood vessels.

But the older you are, the less effective your circulatory system is. And older people perspire less than younger people (and women perspire less than men).

That's why it's essential to make sure older people have some kind of external support to keep cool.

But many senior citizens are on fixed incomes, so of course they're reluctant to crank up their air conditioning and pay higher electrical bills. The Summer Survival Mat requires no electricity and there are no ongoing expenses. For a modest, one-time cost, you... and your grandmother... will have a way to get cool and stay cool, without paying through the nose.

For "Women Of A Certain Age"

great for hot flashes

You know who you are. You're just sitting there, minding your own business, and suddenly, out of nowhere... whoosh! You feel like you could spontaneously combust any second. And then there are the night sweats that go along with it, soaking your clothes, and disturbing your sleep.

Hot flashes are the subject of a lot of jokes, but for the women who suffer from them, they're no joking matter. For years, the go-to treatment of choice was hormone replacement therapy. Then long-term studies revealed that hormone replacement therapy carried some frightening risks... serious risks to health and life.

So menopausal women had an unhappy choice to make: suffer the discomfort (not to mention sleep loss) of hot flashes... or take hormone replacement therapy and run the risk of stroke, heart attack, potentially deadly blood clots, gall bladder disease, breast and endometrial cancers.

Now, thanks to the Summer Survival Mat, women who suffer from hot flashes and night sweats can get out from between that rock and that hard place. When a hot flash hits, simply position yourself on the cool mat for maximum skin contact. Some women find that contact with certain areas boosts the speed of cooling relief even more—for instance behind the neck, the upper chest, along the inside of your arms, or behind the knees.

The Summer Survival Mat absorbs all that extra heat quickly and efficiently, cooling down the surface blood vessels which will then circulate the cooled blood throughout your body. Ah! Isn't that better than dangerous hormone therapy?

When It Doesn't Pay To Install Air Conditioning...
But You Still Want A Way To Cool Off

If you live in one of the northern U.S. states, especially in New England, it doesn't pay to install air conditioning. Chances are, you'll only use it a few days out of the year. Why spend $600 or more on a window unit (plus the ongoing operating costs)... or thousands for central air... when you really only experience a few uncomfortably warm nights a year?

Same goes for your getaway cabin in the mountains... your vacation cottage by the shore... your camper... or even your tent! No matter where you like to go for your R&R, sometimes the heat can spoil your fun. Just bring the Summer Survival Mat along with you, and you'll have a portable cooling system that goes wherever you do.

Comfort Fussy, Fretful, Feverish Children

relieve fever without medicine

The best thing for a sick child is sleep. You've given him the fever-reducing medication, plied him with liquids, but he's still tossing and turning. If you've ever tried to cool off a feverish child with a cold washcloth, you know they often resist your efforts. Washcloths can be too cold, and many children don't like the wetness.

But the Summer Survival Mat is different. It cools gently, without dampness. And it keeps on cooling, for several hours. Simply place the Summer Survival Mat under your little one's body... or drape it up over his pillow... and it will soothe him to sleep. (And you'll get your rest, too.)

Got A Sunburn?

cool off sunburn
When you get a sunburn, you feel hot – and not just because your skin is burned. The sunburn actually affects your skin's ability to regulate temperature. Use the Summer Survival Mat to absorb the heat out from the burn and... restore your body's natural equilibrium.

Help Your Pets Cool Off Too

help keep your pets cool

Our furry friends feel the heat just as much as we do. In fact, dogs have very few sweat glands. That's why they have to pant to get rid of excess body heat. To help Fido stay cool, put a Summer Survival Mat in the dog bed. For your cat, place a cozy box in a quiet area and line the bottom with a Summer Survival Mat. In the heat of the day, your furry friends will have a place they can retreat to and chill out.

The Laptop Of Luxury

cool off your laptop

Laptops are the ultimate in convenience. They can go anywhere... but should they? Have you ever noticed how on some surfaces, your laptop can get too hot? Laptops that are chronically overheated can have a shortened lifespan. By placing the Summer Survival Mat underneath it, you'll help protect the delicate electronics.

Grab Your Summer Survival Mat While You Can!

Since the Summer Survival Mat was first introduced just months ago, demand has been unprecedented. China is the only place in the world right now that has the production capacity to meet the insatiable demand for this amazing cooling technology. But don't let the fact that it's made in China put you off. This is not a lightweight piece of junk. In fact, you may be surprised at how heavy it actually is. It's the density of the gel that makes it such an efficient heat absorber.

Most of the Summer Survival Mats that roll off the production line are headed straight for Japan, since the power supply for air conditioning there is severely limited. But we've managed to snag a limited supply of them for our customers.

You'll find hundreds of uses for your Summer Survival Mat. Cut back on the A/C to save money, and let the Summer Survival Mat pick up the slack. Bedroom too hot? Take one to bed with you. Tired and hot from too much activity? Cool down and relax with your Summer Survival Mat. Hot flashes or headaches? Summer Survival Mat to the rescue. The list of applications is endless!

Summer Survival Gel MatEach Summer Survival Mat is only $149.97. If you'd like to save money, for a limited time we're offering a special deal on two. The cost is just $239.94 for both – you save $60.00 when you enter the coupon code COOLDOWN. (With soaring electrical costs, it's easy to see how you could easily save that much on your air conditioning bills in a single month.) Don't wait for the next heat wave or power outage to get your Summer Survival Mat!

-Bill Heid, Founder
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